About Us

About Us

picnictable.co.uk is part of an established group of businesses that serve over 250,000 satisfied customers across the B2B sector, and we use that expertise to provide only the best quality products and service to customers both new and returning.

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Sourced Timber

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Our aim is to provide the market’s leading timber picnic tables, using sustainably sourced timber and treated with an organic wood preservative that is not harmful to the environment and protects your picnic table against rot and decay for over 15 years!

We source all our raw materials from well managed forests across Europe, and our suppliers hold certification for FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody. At picnictable.co.uk we believe that timber has a great future with many qualities. We manufacture our products to make sure all of those qualities deliver benefits to our customers and the environment. We only use sustainably sourced materials that are renewable and natural, and use them to manufacture high-quality, durable picnic tables that are recyclable, non-toxic and biodegradable – unlike other materials such as concrete, masonry and steel. Our products are perfect for organisations or individuals looking for picnic tables that represent a higher quality and more environmentally friendly product than traditional timber picnic tables.

Wood Is The Natural Material Of Choice!